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Case Study: Ground News at Harford Community College - A Collaborative Mission to Modernize Media Literacy

Rachael Perry

Jan 22, 2024

Harford Community College's adoption of Ground News represents a pioneering step in modernizing media literacy education.


Harford Community College's adoption of Ground News represents a pioneering step in modernizing media literacy education. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between faculty and librarians and details the platform's practical application in classrooms, leading to its full institutional adoption after a successful trial.

Collaborative Implementation

Ground News was seamlessly integrated into the curriculum at Harford Community College, focusing on sociology and media courses. The platform provided a unique opportunity for students to engage critically with news from various sources, enhancing their understanding of media bias and the importance of factual consistency.

Specific Implementation Strategies

  • Assignment Integration: Students utilized Ground News to compare and contrast news coverage of identical events from different political spectrums. This exercise aimed at sharpening their skills in identifying biases and evaluating the factual integrity of news sources.

  • Class Discussions: Ground News catalyzed dynamic classroom discussions, encouraging students to share their discoveries and perspectives. This enriched the learning experience and fostered a culture of critical thinking and open dialogue.

Educator Feedback

John Donahue, a sociology instructor at Harford Community College, expressed high regard for Ground News's impact on his teaching methods. He observed, "Ground News has great potential. In my Sociology courses, where critical analysis of current events is paramount, Ground News has been an invaluable resource. It aids students in discerning fact from opinion and recognizing biases in news reporting."

Although the platform was not extensively tested within the semester, the positive initial feedback led to plans for broader implementation in future courses, underscoring Ground News's role in enhancing research skills and critical thinking among students.

Outcomes and Transition to Full Adoption

The trial period at Harford Community College highlighted Ground News's substantial contribution to media literacy. Preliminary feedback from students and faculty pointed to improved engagement and analytical skills, validating the platform's effectiveness. Encouraged by these results, the college transitioned from the trial to securing a school-wide subscription, reaffirming its commitment to fostering a well-informed and critically minded student body.

Future Plans

Buoyed by the success of the initial implementation, Harford Community College is keen on expanding the use of Ground News. Plans include conducting faculty workshops to explore innovative ways to integrate the platform further into the curriculum, aiming to solidify media literacy as a cornerstone of the educational experience.


Harford Community College and Ground News's partnership exemplifies the transformative power of collaborative educational initiatives. By adopting Ground News, the college has enriched its media literacy curriculum and set a precedent for how academic institutions can equip their students to navigate the complexities of the modern media landscape thoughtfully and critically.

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