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The image features the logo for "GROUND News," displayed in large, bold, black letters. The word "GROUND" is on top, with each letter decreasing slightly in width from left to right, creating a tapering effect. Below it, the word "News" is written in smaller, simple black font. The background is white.

Navigate the News with Confidence.

Equip your campus with the tools to confidently assess news sources, discern media bias, and critically analyze current events in real-time. Through the power of partnership, Ground News, the world's first news comparison platform, now offers institutional subscriptions via LibraryUp. Schedule your demo to begin your one-month complimentary trial today and ignite a passion for informed, thoughtful engagement with the world around us.

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Institutions using Ground News to empower critical thinking.

A Modern Tool to Meet Modern Challenges.

The image shows three professionals engaged in a discussion at a modern office desk. One person, a man, listens intently while a woman, leaning forward, gestures towards a laptop screen displaying a news article. A third person observes the conversation. The environment includes coffee cups and office plants, creating a casual yet focused meeting atmosphere.

“Ground News has given my students new ways to explore their world. They are excited to understand news bias in a more critical way with vocabulary and explanation from an expert and more objective point of view. Ground News helped my students have productive conversations about critical issues with their families when they struggled to see eye-to-eye before; it also helped them talk about what shapes their opinions with their friends. I'm grateful for Ground News because it helps my students engage media literacy outside of class."

Enhance media literacy and promote
intellectual engagement.

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With Ground News Students Can:

The image is a black and white, halftone-style depiction of a planet, likely Earth, with swirling clouds and patterns covering its surface, all enclosed within a circular frame.

Cut through the clutter of political rhetoric.

Instantly practice lateral reading.

Apply media literacy skills beyond the classroom.

Have productive conversations about critical issues.

Engage with hyper-local news from any part of the world.

Give your students the tools they need to 

Say Goodbye to News Overwhelm

Ground News organizes related articles in one place so students can get a sense of the scale of coverage and easily compare articles from various sources. No more sifting through countless tabs or getting lost in the chaos of information overload.

The image shows a digital news interface titled "Breaking News," featuring a black and white photo of a destroyed building with two people, a woman in a headscarf and a man in military attire, observing the rubble. Below the photo is a headline reading, "Taliban tighten grip on Afghanistan as all eyes turn to capital Kabul," with additional details indicating the source as Reuters and location as Kabul, Afghanistan, updated 8 minutes ago. The interface mimics a stack of news cards, suggesting multiple stories available.

"Ground News is such a helpful tool - that window into the news headlines from multiple perspectives is revolutionary."

Kristin Schnerer
High School Social Studies Teacher

Pop your Political News Bubble

The Ground News Blindspot Feature highlights stories that are generating lopsided coverage. By paying attention to underreported stories on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum, students will gain a more well-rounded understanding of today's news.

The image displays a digital news card with a black and white photo of a devastated building and two individuals, a woman in a headscarf and a man in military gear, standing amid the ruins. Above the photo, "Blindspot on the Right" is written in white text on a black background. Below the image, the headline states "Taliban tighten grip on Afghanistan as all eyes turn to capital Kabul." Beneath the headline, a graphic shows bias distribution with three colored bars: red, white, and blue.

"I especially like the Blindspot feature - being able to show stories that may not be something students would have seen in their Facebook feed or on Instagram or wherever they’re getting their news."

Mike Wells
Director of Libraries

Confidently Evaluate News Sources in Real Time

Displaying a combined average rating of three independent news monitoring organizations: All SidesAd Fontes Media, and Media Bias/Fact Check, Ground News uses diagrams to give readers a visual breakdown of the entire media landscape so they can quickly understand what’s going on. This helps students understand how and why a story is being framed a certain way and  provides insight into the reporting practices of the publication.

The image is a graphic titled "Bias Distribution," depicting a spectrum of news media bias from left to right. It features three vertical bars colored in blue, white, and red, representing left, center, and right political orientations, respectively. Each bar contains logos of news organizations: CNN, CBS News, The Hill, NDTV, and BBC News on the left; Al Jazeera and CNA in the center; Fox News, RT, and The Epoch Times on the right.

"Ground News has given my students new ways to explore their world. They are excited to understand news bias in a more critical way with vocabulary and explanation from an expert and more objective point of view."

Daniel Coble

Assistant Professor of English

Uncover Media Bias Hidden in Your Social Feeds

Information comes at us fast from all different angles. The Ground News browser extension empowers students to sort through the chaos, whether they're scrolling through Twitter, catching up on their Facebook feed, or reading about trending topics on Reddit. So meet students where they are with the Ground News Browser Extension

The image shows a screenshot of a Twitter post by Elon Musk discussing a halt on the Twitter acquisition deal, citing a calculation that spam or fake accounts represent less than 5% of users. The tweet includes an overlaid graphic from Reuters about the percentage of fake accounts. There's an interactive news coverage analysis tool, powered by GROUND, showing the story's coverage by 10 news sources, with a bias distribution gauge and a button to "Get the full coverage." The interface displays Twitter engagement metrics such as retweets and likes.

The image displays logos of five different web browsers arranged in a row. From left to right, the logos represent Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera, each styled in their distinctive colors and designs.

"While many databases provide access to scholarly journals and publications, they do not address students' news literacy challenges in the digital age. What’s great about Ground News is that it works on social media platforms that appeal to students while also integrating traditional news publications."

Dr. Susan Mythen
Dean of Libraries

Join Us in the Pursuit of Critical Thinking.

Start your complimentary 30-Day Trial Now!

Setup and Authentication

Innovative, not complicated

LibraryUp is committed to providing a straightforward integration process with Ground News. Our setup is user-friendly, requiring no complex installations. We offer complimentary staff training to ensure you fully leverage our partnership.

Currently, we support authentication methods such as IP whitelisting, EZ Proxy, and OpenAthens, commonly used by academic institutions. Additionally, we offer Gmail authentication, which is ideal for K-12 settings. We're dedicated to expanding our authentication options based on your needs. If you wish to request new authentication methods, please let us know. Together, let's enhance media literacy and combat misinformation with Ground News!


The image features a surreal depiction of a young boy on a bicycle, being walking a dog on a leash. They are both standing on a detailed, black and white illustration of Earth, emphasizing a whimsical and imaginative scene.

Empowering Education: LibraryUp & Ground News Unite for Media Literacy.

Recently, LibraryUp forged a transformative partnership with Ground News, marking the birth of a collaborative effort to combat misinformation and promote media literacy on campuses worldwide. Since the inception of this partnership, our impact has grown exponentially.

Over the past year, we have witnessed tremendous growth, expanding our reach to numerous campuses globally. Together with Ground News, we have addressed educators' challenges in navigating the ever-evolving media landscape. This partnership has empowered us to provide vital tools and resources to meet the increasing demand for media literacy education.

As we approach the 2024 US presidential election and amidst recent global events, the need for media literacy and digital literacy has never been more urgent. The timing of this election and the prevailing currents in today's world make it imperative that we get these essential skills into the hands of students and educators.
We firmly believe that media literacy is not just a skill; it's a fundamental life skill. Our collaboration with Ground News enables us to empower individuals to critically analyze news, identify biases, and explore multiple perspectives on complex issues. We are not just offering a platform; we are your dedicated partner in education, enhancing media literacy and fostering intellectual engagement.

Join us in this remarkable journey as we continue to expand our presence and bring the essential skills of media literacy to campuses worldwide. Let's work together to seamlessly integrate these powerful tools into your institution's curriculum, creating a generation of informed citizens and critical thinkers.

Why Media Literacy Matters

Media literacy has become a popular topic, and it’s not hard to see why. We live in an information ecosystem that incentivises speed of delivery over accuracy. We learn about current events on platforms that use algorithms to decide what information we should have access to. And many news publications have decided to embrace a position on the political spectrum that appeals to specific consumers as opposed to offering diverse perspectives.


Media literacy is a set of skills that can help students think critically about the media they consume, create, and distribute so they can be well-rounded, informed citizens.

The image depicts a vintage black and white illustration of a woman sitting and reading a large, open newspaper shaped like a heart. The surreal aspect of the heart-shaped newspaper adds a whimsical touch to the scene.
The image features the logo for "GROUND News," composed of the word "GROUND" in large, bold, dark letters with a gradual narrowing effect towards the right, and the word "News" in smaller, simple font underneath. The background is transparent.


Here are some commonly 
asked questions about Ground News.

The image is a creative black and white photograph showing a person whose head is obscured by a newspaper opened and held aloft. The visible parts of the newspaper feature densely packed text and a crossword puzzle. The person's hair is dark and visible around the lower edges of the newspaper.


Ground News empowers readers to compare how news sources from across the political spectrum are covering the same story. With Ground News, readers can expand their view of the news and easily compare reporting from a wide range of news outlets. A Ground News account gives you access to the mobile app", website, browser extension, and exclusive newsletters that help readers access multiple perspectives and stay informed easily. How does it work? Ground News identifies every news articles written about a recent event, and categorizes the reporting based on the source's political bias, factuality, ownership, geographic location, and chronology. Get the overview of reporting with the Ground Summary, which highlights the key points from all of the articles reporting on a story, from left, right, and center. If you're interested in learning about our rating system, learn more about it here. What makes Ground News different? While the Top Stories feed offers a unique overview of today's media landscape, Ground News also features many alternative, independent sources that aren’t confined to the mainstream news narrative. You can view stories that are minimized or emphasized by only one side of the political spectrum with the Blindspot Feed, which shines a spotlight on lopsided coverage. This puts our community in a position to choose and easily compare the news they want to read, and also get a peek into what's being reported on opposite sides of the political spectrum.


Ground News is a small team of 18 media outsiders, based in Ontario, Canada. Ground News is co-founded by siblings Harleen Kaur (ex-NASA) and Sukh Singh (ex-Bain). Ground is backed by a handful of mission-aligned independent individual investors, with no ties to corporate media, big tech, or government affiliations. In addition to our team, Ground is supported by our community of subscribers who resonate with our team’s mission to improve the online news environment. You can learn more about us at


Ground News is not a news publisher, nor do we editorialize any news. Ground News provides tools to help readers compare how different news sources are covering the same story, making it easier for you to feel more informed about the news you’re consuming. The Ground News community can conveniently see how a story is being reported according to a source’s political bias rating, geographic location, and when it was published. These features can be used in the free version of Ground News, but we offer subscriptions for news junkies and anyone else dedicated to seeing past the partisan spin.


Ground endeavors to make readers easily, clearly and fully informed on the most important news stories of the day as well as the news most relevant to their personal interests. Widely reported news can be found in the Top Stories tab. Every user on Ground sees the same Top Stories according to the Edition of Ground that they’re using. Readers can opt-in to the International Edition of Ground to see Top Stories from around the world, or they can opt-in to the US Edition for Top Stories based in the US. The My Feed tab offers a personalized collection of stories which is algorithmically curated based on stated and observed reading behaviors, and reflects what media sources and interests you’ve followed within the app. Any changes you’ve made to what topics/source you’re following will be reflected here. Ground reveals the reader’s own reading behaviors in the feature “My News Bias”. With this feature, news sources are selected for each story to show a full and balanced set of coverage of the event.


Our goal is to offer an app that curates relevant news for users all over the world, and from all walks of life. To see news more relevant to your country, you can follow more news sources based in your country, including smaller, local sources. These changes will be reflected in your “My Feed” tab. The more sources you follow, the more relevant your My Feed will be.


The news on Ground comes from 2 sources: directly from over 50,000 major news publications (newspapers, news TV channels, news magazines) from around the world, and trending social media (including select blogs). If you don’t like the mainstream perspective, you can always find the independent one by swiping through sources or by following your favourite publications. If you cannot find your favourite news publication on Ground, you can submit it for review within the app by going to Settings > Support > Suggest News Source.


The Ground team takes no part in evaluating a Bias or Factuality Rating on news publications or stories – we leave that to the experts. Bias and factuality ratings are averaged from the published ratings from three third-party independent news publication monitoring organizations, when available: All Sides, Ad Fontes Media, and Media Bias Fact Check. These organizations each have their methodology listed on their respective websites if you’d like to read more about them. To learn all about our methodology, visit Ratings are not static and can evolve over time based on the trajectory of reporting. If you disagree with a rating, you can always select “Edit Bias Rating” on a news source to change the rating on your personal account. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us via email at


Ground has no political agenda and only presents the news as it's being reported. We do not censor any news, nor do we publish or editorialize any of our own. News is sourced from publications across the political spectrum and flagged with a bias and factuality ratings in order to help readers understand where the news is coming from and allow them to come to their own conclusions. The Ground team is happy to receive users from all walks of life, but the platform operates independently of readers’ political preferences.


We do not serve ads on the Ground News platform. However, the news articles we link to may include advertising or paywalls. We can’t block advertisements or paywalls on these sites, but there are a couple of things you can do to improve the reading experience. 1. Select an article you want to read. Once the publisher page loads, click on the icon in the top right corner (next to the share icon). This will open the text in a cleaner format with fewer popups. 2. Any news source that uses a paywall is indicated by a $ icon over the source logo. This makes it easier to know which publishers offer free access to a story when swiping through sources to compare how the story is being reported. You can filter out stories with paywalls by using the Sort & Filter menu when viewing a story's full coverage.

The image features a modern workspace with a tablet displaying a news website called "My Media Bias" alongside a smartphone showing the logo "GROUND". There's also a laptop with its keyboard visible, a digital stylus, and part of a notebook, all arranged neatly on a dark, textured surface.

The broader the access, the richer the conversations, and the deeper the understanding of the world.

Pricing Information

Through our partnership we are now offering School-Wide Subscriptions, ensuring that everyone, from students to faculty, can benefit from Ground News as a daily resource for spotting bias and breaking free from manipulative algorithms. Our school-wide subscription option is tailored to your institution's total student population, providing a cost-effective solution for comprehensive media literacy education. 
Complete the form below to receive a personalized pricing plan that suits your institution's needs. For any special seat licensing requests or additional information, please email We're here to help you bring the power of media literacy to your school community.

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