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Hi, I'm Rachael.

We're new here, and I can't wait to meet you. Over the past decade, my relationship with libraries has been an evolving tapestry. From preteen me eagerly awaiting the next Harry Potter release (shoutout to Jacksonville Public Library) to those defining nights cramming for finals at FSU's Strozier Library, my affinity for libraries has only grown. Joining the Baker & Taylor team as an enthusiastic millennial, I was quick to dive deep into the nuanced world of modern libraries. While my visit to Dublin's Trinity College Library stands as a vivid memory of beauty and tradition, my aspirations have expanded beyond mere admiration. Today, it's about recognizing and further establishing libraries as powerhouses of knowledge and tech literacy, as sanctuaries for accessible, diverse collections, ensuring communities adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital world.

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My Story. My Inspiration. My Mission.

The chapter of my professional journey with libraries began at Baker & Taylor. It wasn't just another job;  I found myself immersed in a world that captured my attention and interest, working with all library types around the world. My favorite work revolved around championing eResources and innovating programs that amplified patron engagement. Yet, it's the human connections that left indelible marks – teaching a novice the magic of eBooks, being part of the team selecting a vast array of titles for Dubai's Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, or the surreal moment of meeting Jose Thompson at GonzoFest and delving into stories of his legendary father, Hunter S. Thompson.

Parallel to these professional milestones were profound personal ones: welcoming my two children into the world and navigating the challenges of maintaining a career during a global upheaval. Having lived and overcome professional challenges tied to these personal life events, I'm acutely aware of the obstacles women still face today in the workforce -- even in industries dominated by female professionals. This realization was the final catalyst for LibraryUp.

LibraryUp was born from identifying a gap: the immense potential of consumer tech largely untapped for library-wide applications. My mission was, and remains, two-fold: to deeply support libraries in this technology-driven era, ensuring they stand firm and central in their communities. And to build a company culture that not only champions women but values individuals for who they are — parents, partners, dreamers — recognizing the richness and necessity of prioritizing our personal lives and ensuring it complements, not compromises, our work.

The tapestry of my journey is woven with dedication, resilience, and an unending commitment to libraries. Challenges? I've met them head-on, always prioritizing the essence of libraries. As we move forward, I am driven to actively harness tech's power in libraries, championing a future where innovation, inclusivity, and the pulse of the community echo louder than ever.

Yours truly,

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My Dedication.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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