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Exciting News for Librarians and Educators...

Rachael Perry

Jan 25, 2024

Introducing Our Free Resource for News Literacy Programming!

We at LibraryUp are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative, "Navigate the News: A News Literacy Series." This program outline and guide, available at no cost, is designed specifically for librarians and educators committed to enhancing news literacy among adults. Through a comprehensive series of workshops, discussions, and expert insights, this program leverages the innovative Ground News platform to empower participants with the skills to identify biases, verify facts, and engage with various news perspectives.

In today's world, where misinformation can spread as quickly as factual information, fostering an environment of informed citizenship and critical thinking is more important than ever. "Navigate the News" aligns with our mission to promote critical thinking and media literacy, providing an essential toolkit for combating misinformation within our communities.

Featuring sessions like "Ground News 101," "Spot the Spin," and "Meet the Media," the series offers a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Participants will gain firsthand knowledge from journalists, news editors, and media experts, enriching their understanding of the news production process and the challenges of ensuring transparency. Take Action Now: Download "Navigate the News" and start your free trial of Ground News today. Empower yourself and your community with the tools to discern, discuss, and disseminate information responsibly. Download Now and Start A Free Trial.

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